The way we grow and process our panax ginseng makes all the difference

The reason our panax ginseng is so unique is that we grow and process it like nobody else does. Choosing Bing Han is the greatest path to better health and nutrition.

Our ginseng products are created for people who are passionately committed to their health and wellness. These people inspire us to do what we do.

We grow our ginseng in optimal conditions in a preserved paradise

Our ginseng is grown high in the Changbai Mountain, a region protected by the UNESCO. In this rare microclimate, our ginseng receives the optimal amount of moisture, soil nutrients, and growing conditions.

All our ginseng plants are relocated to a different elevation every two years in order to maximize the nutrient density. All ginseng is grown to at least six years old before harvesting to ensure the adequate amount of ginsenosides is present in ginseng.

Our ginseng is grown organically and sustainably. After harvesting ginseng, pine trees will be grown on the same piece of land to restore and fertilize the soils. It will take at least 10 to 15 years before ginseng can be grown on the same soil again!

We process our ginseng with the utmost care for maximum health benefits

We use the entire root of ginseng, because each parts contains components with health benefits.

Our ginseng is processed in our own GMP and ISO certified plants in Taiwan, using a low temperature processing method that would preserves most active natural components. The “heating” side effect of red ginseng is also eliminated from this sophisticated technology. This is why our ginseng is suitable for most people.