Become a Bing Han Independent Partner

If you are passionate about health and physical well-being and are willing to support and share with others, then you are perfect for Bing Han’s Independent Partner Program. By joining Bing Han, you could enjoy the freedom and profitable potential of entrepreneurship. Furthermore, you get to work with your own organizations, the people you know and trust, to achieve higher level, hence more commission earned. You don’t have to worry about much as compared to starting up a traditional business. All you need is an ABN and you are set! With premium products that are made ready for you, you simply leverage Bing Han’s brand power and sales expertise to build a business that suits your lifestyle.

Please contact our office for more details.

VIP User

  • Purchase Bing Han products for your own use

  • Discount rate start at 5%

  • Discount rate increases as purchase volume accumulated

  • Cannot develop downline

  • Does not require ABN


  • Earn commission for the products you distributed/sold

  • Direct rebate rate starts at 10%, up to a maximum of 52% when you are a Distributor Manager

  • Leadership bonus available as you reach a higher level

  • Develop downlines and work with them to achieve success

  • Volume accumulates. No reset no pressure

  • ABN required