Advocating excellent service to public, Bing Han aims to benefit humanity

Bing Han has served people seeking for better solutions on an advanced lifestyle for over twenty-five years. However, we intend to fuel the excellence of everyone around the world.

Inspired by 3000-year history of ancient medicine, we manufacture different variety of products processing from self-farmed 6 year old premium Panax ginseng. Our ambition is always to share the healing and nourishing botanical with the people worldwide, and to persuade them to live with more energy; ease stress; and strengthen their immune system. We are one of the most specialized and human-oriented ginseng distributing companies in globe. We strive to be the leader in the health and wellness industry.

A Few facts about Bing Han

We strictly monitor the production of our ginseng products from cultivation to processing.

Making certain of providing products in premium quality is our promise to the public. By applying the method of vertical integration, we are able to offer the lowest possible price to our customers.

Our branches are located all over the world, including Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesia, Japan, Canada, the USA, Australia, etc. Therefore, our independent partners are able to spread our concepts and products throughout the world.

As a global company, our products are proven to be trustworthy and user-friendly to our customers. We have acquired various certificates from the FDA of different countries to prove that our products are both safe and organic. Moreover, we have acquired certificates from HACCP, the worldwide-recognized Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point.

We strongly believe that human nature are capable to hold wellness in their own hands by making proper use of the healing and nutritious power of nature. We are in faith that people would no longer be suffering from fatal diseases.

Our Leadership



Born in a small fishing village on the southwest coast of Taiwan in the 1950s, young He-Shun Li lived most of his childhood in abject poverty. There was no financial or food security in his family’s day-to-day existence. He watched, with sorrow, as his father suffered from chronic “black foot” disease, a sickness related to poor water quality.

As a TCM professional, he was driven to find a cure for the health issues that could destroy a person’s life. In 1991, He founded Bing Han to deliver the solution to as many people as possible, creating one of the world’s most specialized and integrated ginseng distribution company.



Some people have a magical way of making good things happen. Ms Li-Yu Chen is one of those people, which has earned her the nickname, “the magician.” She suffered from poor health and stress for years when she was younger, which affected her physically and emotionally. But after she encountered Dr Li and began using Panax ginseng product, she became a new person. Her mental and physical health improved significantly. She left her stressful job to do what she loved most, sharing her personal, life-changing Bing Han story with others. Like magic, several of her friends and associates became Bing Han partners.

As a role model, Ms Chen now travels the world, sharing her inspiring stories. She devotes herself entirely in training and supporting Bing Han partners all over the world and developing and expanding new markets.



Born in a wealthy family, Sum Sum Wong never believed she would be anything other than a full-time housewife until her life-changing encounter with Ms Li-Yu Chen. Motivated by Ms Chen’s passion of promoting a healthy way of life for all mankind, she joined the Bing Han team.

After 5 years of learning and effort, Ms Wong transformed from a business newcomer to the leader of Bing Han’s Hong Kong branch. She is not only a successful entrepreneur but also an inspiring mentor to millions of Bing Han’s independent partners.



The first thing you notice about Desmond Liew is his passion for everything related to Bing Han. Walking into a room with a big smile on his face, he can’t wait to tell you something new and wonderful about the company and our ginseng.

Concerned about his parents’ health, Mr Liew was immediately attracted by the Bing Han promise of improved wellness. After meeting with Ms Li-Yu Chen and attending several Bing Han meetings, he became a man with a mission – to introduce their ginseng products to the world.

The Bing Han Story

How a challenging childhood gave rise to a ginseng empire

Dr Li He ShunNowadays, Dr Li He-­Shun is known as Bing Han’s President, the founder of one of the world’s most specialized and integrated panax ginseng distribution companies. But in the 1950s, he was like any other child in rural Taiwan who lived in poverty with no financial and food security. He watched his father suffer from chronic “black foot disease”, an illness afflicting many villagers with poor quality drinking water.

The humble beginnings of Dr Li He-Shun, Bing Han’s Founder

Throughout Dr Li’s childhood, friends and family had to deal with circumstances beyond their control. Rather than embittering him, these experiences inspired him to care.

A Call to Medicine

call to medicineBoth of Dr Li’s parents passed away when he was in his teen. In order to support his family, he left his small fishing village to find work. Fascinated by the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), he decided to pursue a career in health care.

After years of study, apprenticeship, and hard work, Dr Li became a renowned professional TCM practitioner. The sad memories from his childhood enlightened him, driving him to find cures for the health issues that could destroy a person’s life.

A Clear Vision

Developing a health product that could enhance wellbeing and improve living standards was something that Dr Li often dreamed of when he worked as a TCM practitioner.

Before long, he realized ginseng was the miracle he had been seeking for, a key to health and prosperity readily available in nature. He wanted to enlighten as many people as possible the existence of this wonder. His goal was to create a ginseng company that would, above all else, affirm life.

The Birth of Bing Han

Birth of Bing HanFunded the project himself, Dr Li officially launched his premiere product, Bing Han Refined Panax Ginseng Powder, in January 1991. Soon thereafter he formed Bing Han Co. Ltd. and became President of the company.

In the same year, Dr Li accompanied by Li-Yu Chen (who became Bing Han’s General Manager) and Jang-Yi Lai (who became Bing Han’s Factory Manager), held a seminar at a venue in Taipei to introduce Bing Han Refined Panax Ginseng Powder to the general public who would benefit from using it or people who would distribute it themselves.

A Business Built on Tradition, But Looking Forward

“Perseverance reaped rewards,” says Dr Li as he recalls those early days. “My success is a testament to the impact that Bing Han can have in every individual’s life.”

The character of our founder, Dr Li shapes the spirit of Bing Han. We are a company that believe in the wisdom of tradition as well as the power of innovation. We are inspired by people and driven by compassion.



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